Davis® Reading Exercises

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Duration: 5-10 hours.

The first Davis Reading Exercise (Spell-Reading) can be started as soon as Alphabet Mastery is completed.

These reading exercises help with reading skills such as: tracking, left to right orientation, accurate word recognition, and comprehension. After using these exercises, the child will naturally look at each letter in a word and eliminate the need for guessing.

Recognition and an understanding of all the symbols on the printed page allows the child to have a complete understanding, comprehension, and certainty of what is being read.

Certainty builds confidence.

Davis® Focusing Skills

Duration: 1-2 hours.
The Davis® Focusing Skills contained in this section are the most important skills of this course. Focus is the cornerstone of learning. When a child is properly focused, perceptions will be accurate, and learning can be made easy.

Davis® Symbol Mastery

Duration: 4-20 hours.
Davis® Symbol Mastery is a technique to help a child create and master the elements of written or spoken symbols, such as letters, punctuation marks and words.