Davis® Focusing Skills

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The Pyramid of Learning is a widely accepted model for understanding how our perceptions underpin all learning. Without accurate perception we are likely to mis-learn, misplace things, misunderstand, and make mistakes. 

Most of us – parents or educators – have told children to pay attention, using words like “Focus!” or “Concentrate!” We tend to assume that our children know HOW to focus – but do they? The Davis® Focusing Skills show them how. This is the foundation of the 2 Learn to Read course, and the child will be using these self-management tools throughout the course – and hopefully throughout life.

Each video needs to be COMPLETED before the next course or lesson becomes available.

Watch the video TO THE END and follow its instructions before moving on to the the next lesson/topic.

Davis® Symbol Mastery

Duration: 4-20 hours.
Davis® Symbol Mastery is a technique to help a child create and master the elements of written or spoken symbols, such as letters, punctuation marks and words.

Davis® Reading Exercises

Duration: 5-10 hours.
These three progressive reading exercises help with reading skills such as: tracking, left to right orientation, accurate word recognition and comprehension.